Do you think you have galeophobia?

Galeophobia is the phobia of sharks. This is the fear that made Jaws that popular, after all. Who does not get shivers down their spine when they hear the theme tune, right?

But all jokes aside, galeophobia is a serious problem among a number of people. I have a crippling fear of sharks, but my doctor has not diagnosed with galeophobia. However, once I identified the source of my fear, I did a lot of research on the concept of galeophobia, and it is frankly incredibly scary.


I am incredibly scared of sharks, yes. I had to go see a therapist when my boys started wanting to go to the beach because I was convinced they would be attacked. However, the life of a gaelophobic is slightly different. They are so scared of sharks that the mere mention of them might give them panic attacks. And of course, even if the possibility of a shark attack is slim or they are far away from the sea, they will still feel the fear.

This is a mental condition that needs to treated with care and respect. People need to accept the fact that being scared of sharks is normal and ensure that people get the care they deserve.