Interesting facts about Sharks

Shark facts

Sharks are much feared due to their negative publicity by the movies, none more than the Steven Spielberg directed “Jaws”. Shark was depicted as a man eating monster. But this is far from truth. Shark is an animal which brings harmony to the sea, and is an essential cog in the Eco-system wheel of sea. Here are some interesting facts about this animal we are in awe of:

  • They grow 30000 teeth – No they have only 45 or so teeth at one time. But Shark’s teeth fall and grow very frequently. The good thing is that the teeth grow back very quickly. Crazy is it not?
  • No bones – Yes they are cartilaginous fish and do not have a single bone in their body.
  • Born Predator – Sharks are born predators. One of the shark types the tiger shark known for its aggressive nature is born predator. The first one to come out of the womb devours its siblings.
  • Ancient Creatures – Sharks have been there 210 million years before Dinosaurs, and are still there. They are successful and great survivors.
  • Shark attack is very rare – It has been popularized by movies but Shark attacks on humans is rare. Only 30 deaths occur due to sharks attacks annually. This is less tan people killed by lightening strike. Extremely unlikely.
  • We humans are predators of sharks – It is a fact that we have killed more sharks than sharks have killed us. The numbers do not lie. One human per two million shark.
  • Great adapters – Sharks can live both in salty and fresh water equally easily. They do so by regulating their blood. Extreme adaptation is it  not?

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