Tiger Sharks: The Fearsome Predator

Tiger Shark

You can see the stripes on their young ones. The stripes are just like on a tiger hence the name. The tiger shark is one of the most feared sharks everywhere. They have insatiable hunger. You can escape after a bite from The Great White, but if a tiger shark bites you, God can only help you.

The tiger shark has the tendency to continue attacking until their prey is devoured. This makes them earn the name for themselves as man eaters. They are scavengers of the sea, and their presence is good for the water. They keep the water clean and help keep population of other species in check. Their food range is amazing. They can eat almost anything in their vicinity. Their powerful jaws can even crack the strong turtle shells which we find hard to break.

They are commonly found in tropical and sub-tropical waters. A fully grown tiger shark is up to 25 feet in length, sounds fearful doesn’t it? They are feared and killed for their skin and oil. This has led to the dwindling population as the population growth of this species is very slow. They are in the endangered species list and conservation has helped them increase in number over the past five years. Fearful but essential creatures of the sea need protection.