Bull Sharks

Bull Shark

All the shark fear is mostly due to the Bull Shark. This shark is the most aggressive among all the other types of Shark. Another factor is that the bull shark loves warm sea water. Hence they are generally found near the shores in heavy populated areas. They can survive in rivers too, but that is not their natural habitat.

The bull sharks live in shallow waters never diving deeper than 30 meters. Hence they are the major threat along the coast. 95% of the total human deaths from shark bites have been due to the bull shark. One very interesting fact is that the bull Shark has been spotted very frequently in Brisbane river in Australia. Well the sharks seems to love the island continent. This is really weird as scientific evidence says that Bull Sharks cannot breed in fresh water.

They eat all kinds of fish, turtle and sometimes birds too. Their way of hunting a prey is to nudge and bite. They will first make contact with their snout and then bite and bite until the prey surrenders. Now that you know that they nudge first, be careful when you get a nudge from under water while swimming or surfing on waves.

But in spite of being a dreaded hunter it is essential that Bull Sharks remain in the coastal waters. If they are not there stingrays will multiply and the coastal waters will not be fit for swimming ever. Yes folks the main food of Bull Sharks are stingrays and they live in coastal waters because their main food is here. They are not here for us!


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