Shark Shields for your protections

Now that the Australian government has put an end to the practice of culling, it is time for people to come up with alternative strategies to keep themselves protected from sharks when they are swimming, diving or surfing. For those of you who do surf, Shark Shield is probably the best option.

Shark Shield is a device that will go on your surf board. It will help repel the shark from your surfboard, and you, so that you can remain safe. Sharks have these gel-filled sacs in their snout. These sacs are called Ampullae of Lorenzini. They use these to hunt, by tracking down the electric current every living body naturally gives out. The Shark Shield will produce an electric current to- but one that will cause the shark to feel a high level of discomfort, spasms and trauma. This discomfort will dissuade the shark from approaching the body emitting the currents.

Shark Shield for Protection

Of course, even the Shark Shield cannot assure 100% protection from sharks when you are out in the open. You would still have to exercise other cautionary measures- try not to wear bright clothes while in the open sea, try staying near the coast as much as you can, and try not going on oceanic adventures all alone.