A bit of a rant…


Why won't people be sensible? Dont take the risk.I wrote about the shark shield in my last post and have decided my boys are going to have them. I am not naïve enough to think they are a panacea for my fears but actually being able to contribute to their safety whilst in the water helps me. I am still taking therapy sessions and I feel I am beginning to manage my concerns. The boys are surfing nearly every weekend and I have managed to not have a major panic attack; mind you I am glad we are not over in Newcastle. A big white, reported to be over 5mt has been sighted there along with 2 others.  Bruce they have called it, really giving it a name, what are people thinking?  Are we suppose to fear it less because it has a name? Ridiculous! The beaches in Newcastle have been closed for nine days for everyone’s protection and what do some folk do? Decide to, “do what they want…” I ask you, why pay for all the monitoring and safety devices when people won’t listen? I am afraid of sharks but I also now know they are endangered and by us, we go into their territory and take it over but kill them for being there. I do not understand the mentality of these people. Wait a few days, let them migrate on and then go back in the sea.  It makes me so angry that people take foolish risks when so much is done to educate and provide resources to prevent risk to life.

Well my boys assure me they will follow the advice of lifeguards and their coach, who I do respect, however I got a loan from Ferratum and ordered two shark shields and I am sleeping better at night knowing they are on their way to my home and the boys wrists.

Shark shield a innovaive development in safety for surfers and swimmers
Shark Shield