The Great White Shark

The great white shark
The great white shark

Popularised by “Jaws” movie as the ultimate sea monster the great white is a beautiful creature. It is scary but a natural marvel.It is found  in coastal surface waters of all oceans. It is a frequent sight on Australian coastal waters. It is a big animal measuring 26 feet. It reaches maturity at 15 years and lives a long life up to 70 years. It is one of the largest predators of the sea.

Fun facts about great white:

  • Weight – Weighing 5000 lbs it is one of the heaviest creatures. It is not the largest shark, but the most aggressive one.
  • Diet – Its natural prey are seals and sea bulls. they are carnivorous and even eat dead animals. Hence they qualify as scavengers as well. They keep the water clean as indicated by a recent study by national geographic.
  • The baby – A weird fact about the shark bay known as pup is that it swallows its own teeth. Measuring at 4-5 feet the pup can take care of itself since birth.
  • Sensory facts – The great white can sense one drop of blood in 100 litres of water. Armed with this sense and great olfactory senses it is one of the dreadful predators of the oceans.
  • Endangered – The killing of the great whites have made it very close to extinction. It is a species being conserved now as few are left.
  • Speed – The great white are very good and quick swimmers. Speeds of 24 km/hr can test most of their preys.
  • Weapons – The greatest weapon are its jaws. Armed with over 500 teeth it can actually slice through its prey.





Dusky shark and baby found in Western Australia seas
Dusky Shark

Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) once said “What signifies knowing the names, if you know not the natures of things”. In reading and researching sharks for this blog I have come to understand not all of the species are dangerous and some are actually at huge risk of disappearing because of us, the Homo sapiens species.  Of the most dangerous in W.A. waters it is the Dusky Shark. Now another old saying is “Don’t reinvent the wheel”  so I am not doing to write or copy reams about this sharks but point you to the websites with in my opinion the best info. So follow the links to upgrade your knowledge, for dusky sharks go here .

Another of the most feared of our sharks is the Whites including the great white. They are known to be aggressive and attack with little or no provocation. Whites are often the star of action/horror movies – who could forget Jaws – The Movie?  I couldn’t swim in the sea for a month after watching that, unfortunately the kids found it hilarious when I let them watch it, so much for introducing caution.  I debated about this link but decided in the end to add it as it gives a perspective that doesn’t deny the danger they pose but asks you to look to how we the people create some of the incidents in which they are involved with our thoughtlessness, greed and ignorance. Happy reading…

Great White shark the predator of the seas
Great White Shark